My name is Hank Donovan and I currently run the TravisBeanGuitars.com website. Over the years and since the initial research and development of the upcoming Travis Bean documentary, I have become very close to Travis and Rita Bean. My relationship with Travis goes beyond the great guitars he made, and I would consider him one of my close friends.

The entire time I’ve known Travis he has been ill, but as of late, his recent stage of illness has been a very huge concern. He has been unable to take my calls over the last few weeks and I’ve been communicating with his wife Rita more and more. It literally breaks my heart to see my friend in this way, and to hear the worries that Rita has with their current financial situation as well as her uncertain future with her husband. I wanted to help, and since I live in the web, that’s the only solution I could think of.

I’ve created this website, with her blessing, where it may hopefully raise a few dollars for Rita to ensure that her husband Travis can get the best possible care and to keep Travis close to home. All funds from this website will be going to her personal PayPal account and will be used immediately to pay the mounting medical bills. If you have a few dollars to spare, please donate. It will mean a lot to Travis and Rita.

Please help spread the word to any Bean fans out there….

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