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I launched this site to let others know about Travis’ condition and to help Rita generate funds to help pay the mounting medical bills. She is very appreciative of the donations that came in such a short time, but we have some terrible news to report. Travis Bean passed away early this morning in Burbank, California. Rita received the news at 6:15AM PST that her husband passed away. She was with Travis the night before and could hear that he was having some difficulty breathing.

Personally, my heart aches and goes out to Rita and her family. I had the fortunate opportunity to call Travis a friend, and he will be greatly missed.

We can still help Rita with a donation. Rita still has a mountain of medical bills and funeral expenses to contend with.

Rest In Peace
Travis Bean
Aug. 21, 1947 – Jul. 10, 2011

Travis Bean, also known as Cliff to his old friends. is the name behind the great Travis Bean guitars created in the mid 1970s. His initial idea to improve neck design by using a single piece of machined T6061 aluminum from bridge to headstock achieved his stability goals, but it also created some great unanticipated results – namely massive amounts of sustain and a very distinctive a full spectrum tone that is known as the “Bean” sound today.

Travis Bean guitars have been used successfully in many genres of music, from classic rock, to jazz and funk, to jam bands, to indie and punk bands. They’ve stood the test of time which is a credit to all the people involved with the production of these guitars. They were built to be played and to be heard by the masses. As the years passed, he became very grateful and appreciative that the guitar, he helped create, was being played with the same passion and desire by players today.

Travis has been dealing with health issues for many years and it’s a struggle that has been a thorn in his side. Over the years, Travis has dealt with diabetes but the larger problem is his fight with a rare cancer known as mycosis fungoides. It is a form of lymphomanic cancer that was first diagnosed in 1994. More recently, it has been necessary for him to receive blood transfusions. Travis has been dealing with kidney problems, as well, and has officially reached stage 3 kidney failure. The combination of the two diseases has weakened him greatly. Travis was admitted to the hospital a few months ago and has now been moved from there to a long term care facility.

Travis’ wife Rita, has been struggling to deal with the mounting financial burden, as well as, the emotional strain this situation has caused them. They’ve depleted all of their savings and credit to continue providing Travis with the care he desperately needs.

Within the next few weeks, the Medicare and insurance benefits they have been receiving will no longer pay for his care at the facility. Things may become desperate to keep Travis close to home. Currently, Travis’ care is running approximately $200/day for just the bed and board.

We are hoping to reach out to the music community and others that are empathetic to the current medical situation and ask for assistance. Travis has contributed so much and now he needs your help.

If you can afford anything, please donate to help with the medical costs. This PayPal donation will go direct to Travis and Rita Bean.

Travis and I appreciate all the love and support that has come our way during his illness. It doesn’t matter if it is a phone call, a card or a shoulder to cry on, our friends have always been there for us. The gifts of financial support mean more to us than words can express. We hope that those of you who are playing Beans will continue to do so. Nothing in this world would mean more to Travis.
– Rita Bean

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